Thursday, May 23, 2013

So... You Want To Be... a GAME DESIGNER

  By request,... here is some fun & informative videos on what it takes to be a Great Game Designer.


Meet Ramiro Corbetta, Game Designer at Powerhead Games

 Ramiro has turned his philosophy degree, and quality assurance experience into one of the best jobs ever: Game Designer. While playing video games is a key part of Ramiro's job (you gotta know your product!) the workday of this Game Designer is spent driving the design process from pitch document to finished profit-making product - and doing intense industry research.

Becoming a Video Game Designer

*BLOGGER NOTE: I don't know about the school, but the info and advice is good.

  And now... 
... for Fun... 

Bonus Feature!
BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT - 20th Anniversary - A Message From Blizzard (2/8/11)

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT - History Retrospective
  Watch how Blizzard Entertainment grew from a small startup company to one of the best game developers ... in the world.