Friday, June 1, 2012

ROBERT VALLEY: Pear Cider and Cigarettes

  Robert Valley is one of the most unique and innovative designers working in animation today.   Robert’s distinctive style is all over animation work for the Gorillaz music videos, Nike, Coca-ColaAeon Flux with Peter Chung, The Beatles: Rock Band cinematics, and many others.   Most recently Robert’s work was a buzz as Disney XD's new animated TV series Tron: Uprising premiered, on which Robert was character designer.  Robert’s style and influence can be seen all over the projects he works on.  He is a leader in the visual field, pioneering visual styles and film-making that push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

  Now Robert Valley has released an animatic edit for a personal short film that he’s working on called Pear Cider and Cigarettes.  Fans of Valley’s aggressively angular figures and dynamically staged animation will be in for a treat.  Check it out...

(WARNING: Some scenes may not be appropriate for all ages and contain coarse language, and/or violence)

Dance Central
  Directed by Robert Valley.

EXTRA Bonus Feature!
THE BEATLES: Rock Band (intro cinematic)
  Produced at  Passion Pictures.

EXTRA - EXTRA - Bonus Feature!
GORILLAZ: Feel Good Inc. (music video)
  Produced at  Passion Pictures.

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