Monday, February 27, 2012

ILM tour with Shawn Kelly!

  Congratulations to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) for winning Best Animated Feature Film at last night's Academy Awards / Oscars, on their very first fully-animated feature film, Rango.

  Now, come along with EPIX as we get an exclusive tour of George Lucas' visual effects mecca, Industrial Light & Magic. Senior Animator, (and co-founder of Animation Mentor), Shawn Kelly, shows us what life is like for those behind the creation of famous creatures and new worlds at ILM(FYI among other things Shawn has worked on Rango, Transformers, and Star Wars)

  Click the player, and enjoy the video:

  Super awesome, and all-around-great-guy, I myself had the honor to meet Shawn Kelly and, along with a group of Animation Mentor buddies, had a tour of ILM last summer :)
Shawn Kelly and Andrew Blodgett
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