Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stop-Motion Mayhem! From Brisk!

  For all you stop-motion lovers...  This one is for you...  

Lipton's Brisk Commercials
  Pepsi's brand Lipton Brisk Iced Tea has been bringing us stop-motion awesomeness for a number of years now, through some of their commercials and ad campaigns, and  has been one of the biggest users of stop-motion outside of feature films and the Christmas season, having employed various studios over the years, (including Loose Moose Productions, Bright Red Pixels, and Mekanism), and utilized popular celebrity voices, Lipton has had created for them a number of innovative stop-motion animations of the highest caliber...  So, for fun and inspiration, here are some recent samples:

  Click the players, and enjoy the videos:
Brisk Eminem

Brisk Ozzy Ozbourne

Brisk Machete (Danny Trejo)

Bonus Feature:
Behind The Scenes | Making Of
 See more on how these were made.

 Click the players, and enjoy the videos:
(WARNING: Some scenes may contain contain course language)

EXTRA! Bonus Feature: 
Way Of The Brisk
  A live action/stop-motion animated short film.
Client: Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, Funny or Die
Production Company: Bright Red Pixels
See the full campaign at:​#/​chuck

  Click the player, and enjoy the video:

I look forward to Lipton's next stop-motion master piece.

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