Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TRON UPRISING: the Animated Series

  Part of the plan with the new Tron movie that came out recently, Tron: Legacy, was to launch a multi-platfrom new franchise.  So with that, here is a first look trailer at the upcoming Tron: Uprising animated series.

  Click the player below and enjoy the video: 
Tron: Uprising will begin airing on Disney XD (which apparently is the Disney Channel’s answer for boy programing) during the Summer of 2012, after a a 10-part micro-series this Fall.

Bonus feature:
Iraqi Tron:
LOL... a Tron parody.
Written By: Fahim Anwar & Aristotle Athiras
Directed By: Aristotle Athiras
Actors: Fahim Anwar, Amir Kamyab, Asif Ali, Omar Fazelat

  Click the player below and enjoy the video: 

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