Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Create a Pitch Bible with Heather Kenyon

  I've hung out with Heather a number of times, over the years (since she was editor-in-chief of AWN) typically at various Ottawa International Animation Festivals she is good people and knows her stuff.

  For all those interested in getting a show made (and I know there is a lot of you), you should check this out.

  Heather Kenyon is now the Vice President of Project Development and Sales for Starz Animation, a Division of Starz Media. She is the former senior director of development, original series at Cartoon Network, where she focused on the development of animated comedy, comedy adventure, action adventure and live-action series for children 6-11 years old. Prior to joining Cartoon Network, as mentioned she was editor-in-chief of Animation World Network , a leading Internet publisher of animation news, information and resources, and was responsible for managing the site’s editorial and writing efforts.

  Filmed on location at the CTN animation eXpo 2010.

  Click the player below and enjoy the video:

For more information about Heather Kenyon and this presentation please visit:ctnanimationexpo.com/​creatin-the-pitch-bible/​


  1. Comprehensive. Works well even for non-animation based series pitches. Gives the basics. Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

  2. WOW really helpful...smart lady!