Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Buck

   Here is a fantastically stylized short film from Team Cerf, a group of animation students who recently graduated from the French animation school Supinfocom.

   ... I'm loving the style of this (;
Meet Buck:
Directed and animated by  Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent E Sousa, and Laurent Monneron.
Sound design / mix by Julien Begault
Music by Yannis Dumoutiers & Mickaël Védrine

  Check this video out, and enjoy:
 To learn more check:

Bonus feature:
   ...This one kind of gets weird half way through, but still really well done & well worth the watch (;

Salesman Pete:
  Although not made by the same group of artists, this film is connected to the previous film.   
"Salesman Pete" is directed and animated by Marc Bouyer, Anthony Viven, and Max Loubaresse, the group posts this disclaimer:
"... we are NOT from Supinfocom, we left our school in order to do this short our own way!"
Character rig by Vincent E Sousa
Music by Cyrille Marchesseau
Sound design by Mael Vignaux

  Check this video out:

 Again, to learn more check:

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