Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Buck

   Here is a fantastically stylized short film from Team Cerf, a group of animation students who recently graduated from the French animation school Supinfocom.

   ... I'm loving the style of this (;
Meet Buck:
Directed and animated by  Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent E Sousa, and Laurent Monneron.
Sound design / mix by Julien Begault
Music by Yannis Dumoutiers & Mickaël Védrine

  Check this video out, and enjoy:
 To learn more check:

Bonus feature:
   ...This one kind of gets weird half way through, but still really well done & well worth the watch (;

Salesman Pete:
  Although not made by the same group of artists, this film is connected to the previous film.   
"Salesman Pete" is directed and animated by Marc Bouyer, Anthony Viven, and Max Loubaresse, the group posts this disclaimer:
"... we are NOT from Supinfocom, we left our school in order to do this short our own way!"
Character rig by Vincent E Sousa
Music by Cyrille Marchesseau
Sound design by Mael Vignaux

  Check this video out:

 Again, to learn more check:

The Pig Farmer

An animated short by Nick Cross

  Enjoy the video:
(WARNING: NOT appropriate for all ages) 

Ice Age 3 - Progression Reel

Another great video from Jeff Gabor.

    An informative resource & inspiration for animators...  Blue Sky Studio's animator Jeff Gabor shows with this comparison reel side by side, the reference, blocking, polish and final render passes of his shots, based on some of his work on the animated feature film "Ice Age 3"

  Enjoy the video:
Ice Age 3 Progression Reel - ©Jeff ©Blue Sky Studio


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Pop Secret "When Harry Met Sally" 3D!!!

  Here is a bit of fun from Nathan Love.

  Enjoy the video:

The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth

An animated short by Jessica Borutski

  Enjoy the video:

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'Rango' Behind-the-Scenes

   I think this is kind of great... the director, Gore Verbinski (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame), for this particular film wanted a more "natural acting experience", BUT rather then go the motion-capture route they came up with this fun and I think relevant approach to their animation process on this film.

  Enjoy the video:

WTF: Ridiculously Insane Indian Robot Action Movie ‘Enthiran’ [Must Watch]

  Want to see some craziness? Check out this clip from the 2010 Indian science fiction film Enthiran. The clip can only be described as Terminator 2 meets The Matrix but with 100 times more ridiculous action. Trust me, watch it now.

  Co-written and directed by S. Shankar, the movie is reported to be the most expensive film ever made in India. The movie features Rajinikanth in dual roles, as a scientist who is struggling to control his android android robot creation (also played by Rajinikanth). The movie was shot over two years beginning in 2008, after eight long years of development. The film was critically acclaimed in the country and became the second highest grossing Indian film of all time.

  Enjoy the video:


Wow this gorgeous.
  From the creative design studio Charlex, narrated by Gabriel Byrne comes this beautiful showcase of animation and SFX... "ShapeShifter"

  Enjoy the video:

Bonus feature:
One Rat Short:
Another short film from Charlex

  Enjoy the video:

Ice Age 4 - Scrat's Continental Crack Up

This short is awesome!

  New from Fox and Blue Sky Studios the short film"Scrat's Continental Crack Up" serves as a first look teaser for the movie "Ice Age 4 Continental Drift" which will be released July 13, 2012.

  Enjoy the video:

Cinema 2010

I like movies.

Here is a bit of movie magic, a year in review from editor Kees van Dijkhuizen:

  Enjoy the video:

Bonus feature:
Cinema 2009:

  Enjoy the video:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thought of You

 My god this short film is mind blowingly beautiful.

  This just... blew me away.

  While I was originally trained with pencil and paper, I am deep in the computer generated, digital world these days.  Which don't get me wrong is full of lots of good stuff, BUT this just makes me long to pick up a pencil ... and draw again (... as well as to give a loved one a hug).  On top of being a beautiful, emotional storyline stunningly executed, for me this piece was like an artistic breath of fresh air.

Thought of You:
Directed and animated by Ryan Woodward.
Song "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies - Courtesy of Nettwerk Music Group. 

  Check this video out, and enjoy:

 To check out more info on the full exhibition of art which includes animation and figurative works visit:

Bonus feature:
   ... Did I mention I love this short film (;
Thought of You - Behind the Scenes Preview - ROUGH CUT:
A glimpse into the creative process behind Ryan Wooward's animation "Thought of You

  Check this video out:

 Again for more info check out:

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More of Ryan's animations at 

Free eBook: Animation Insiders

 Pure awesome! (It was already on my wise list) --- This book has just been made available as a free digital download.  It includes interviews with many animators about their workflows, including Pixar elite Victor Navone and Jason Schfleifer.  Check it out!

Click here to go to the site. (UPDATED August 2011)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Years 2011!!!

Keep Rockin!