Friday, November 26, 2010

James Cameron: God of Action +

  Along with a number of elements of cinematic storytelling, I'm a big fan of great cinematic editing, so to that end I thought I'd share some videos, I recently came across, from Spanish editor "brutzelpretzel's Clara" showcasing some of her kick-ass editing abilities with some classic movie footage, and choice song selection.

James Cameron: God of Action:
Clara's editing.
Song by Guns n' Roses.

  Check this video out:

Bonus feature:
   ... I love me a good car chase sequence (;
Movie Car Chases Tribute:
UPDATE: This one was actually edited by Clara's boyfriend (the other half of brutzelpretzel)

"Punch it Baby!"

  Check this video out:

EXTRA Bonus feature:
   ... and I love me a good cinematic sword fight (:
Swordfights: En garde!:
Clara's tribute to her favorite duels in cinema.
Song by Santa Esmeralda.

  Check this video out:

  Of course there is more to editing than cool action sequences, but these are a lot of fun ;o)


  1. Hey Andrew, this is Clara, the Spanish editor :) Thanks a lot for featuring some of my videos (and my boyfriend's, the car chases one is his work) in your blog. We really appreciate it and we'll keep them coming :) Actually I'm working on an epic battles tribute right now, so stay tuned.

    PS: Of course there is more to good editing than cool action sequences, but those are the most fun to edit :p

  2. Hey Clara!!!

    Thanks for leaving a comment --- I've updated the post to give your boyfriend credit for the car chases one.

    Again just really great stuff guys - I look forward to seeing more ;O)

    ... And as it happens I see you've just posted the epic battles tribute ---- I'm going to check it out right now (:

    Keep Rockin!