Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Reference for Animating Facial Expressions

  Kids are AWESOME!  Generally unhindered their raw reactions and interactions to things is so honest and expressive... which of course makes for some great reference and analysis for animation (:

  So following up on my last post  here are a couple fun  videos done observing kids. 

   Photographer Robbie Cooper shows how focused young video-game players can be.

  Watch this video now:

The Marshmallow Test:
  Done by Igniter Media, in this popular test, several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow in hopes of a bigger prize.

  Watch this video now: 

Bonus feature:
Robbie Cooper Immersion:
   Robbie Cooper talks through some of the ideas behind his Immersion series, which was exhibited at The National Media Museum in 2010.

  Watch this video now:

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Happy animating (: