Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Canadian Animation Resources!

  It has been one year since Canadian Animation Resources migrated from a bunch of hacked together Blogspot pages to the excellent form it is in now. 

  Set up by animation veteran Michael Valiquette, along with his ever growing team of contributors Canadian Animation Resources, like the title says, has become the top online destination for the Canadian animation community: news, jobs, informative articles, animation tips & tricks, as well as showcasing various talent... 

  Canadian Animation Resources provides daily coverage of animation-related news and events, tracking of industry trends, nationwide job posts, and commentary from key players in the community.  Their goal is to provide the forum where information can be shared, ideas exchanged, and opportunities uncovered, and in so doing, to promote the growth of the industry and culture.

  If you haven't already check out the website by clicking here

  Currently Canadian Animation Resources are looking for some funding so please give and help support this endeavor.

  "Maintaining the website is a full time job, and needs your support. If you’ve ever posted a job, found one, read something useful, been turned onto a new artist or opportunity, now’s your time to give back. We’re a lean operation, but we have big plans and new features we’d like to add. We can’t do it alone. Please get on board and show your support."

Oh and again:

 I am now a proud sponsor of the Canadian Animation Resources website.

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