Monday, January 4, 2010

Animation Mentor renders - STRIKE A POSE!

 I really enjoyed doing these, and it was a great way to learn how the character rig was setup, and of course how to properly use it.

 (I must confuse  somehow I ended getting really into this next one trying to make as strong a pose as possible, while still getting use to the rig, and reacquainting myself with Maya after a long hiatus, and well... after a bit of an evolution, while the pose is solid, it doesn't actually communicate what it was supposed too... oh well... still learned tons doing it.)

  (A little secret...  I finally had to break the rig to make this pose work... which sometimes happens)

  (Yeah bebe!... do you feel that!?)

 (I don't know why, but lighting in Maya has always been a pain in the ass for me, render... "NO!".. tweak, tweak... render... ... "WHAT THE...!" ... tweak, tweak... okay... the render gods seem to have seen fit to let this one work.  I'm all for character animation and story telling, but now it is... VENDETTA... I will figure out some of this lighting stuff... eventually)

  (I've been there... I know how he feels)

 Rock n' Roll!!!

 So now...
... I suppose you want to see something animated...

... well stay tooned.

 All poses and renders in this post were done by ME (Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett) Maya character rigs provided by Animation Mentor.

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