Monday, January 4, 2010


  Well... after 10 years, with about a year and half,... or more, of perpetual crunch time, and a VALIANT effort, unlike I have ever seen before, from the studio and it's crew, the animation studio (I worked for) "Fatkat," with the successful completion of the animated TV series "Three Delivery," and the animated TV pilot for "Space Knights Go,"... sadly,... finally... folded,... and closed its doors... for good, last May, 2009. (I truly wish all the studio's former crew and staff members all the best in the future).

 For anyone interested, you can read more about it here:

... Gene Fowler,... the former owner and President, of Fatkat now has a new studio... "Loogaroo"... who are doing some cool things. You can find out more at Rock on!

And I have formed my own new company...
... called... "Ye-a Baby! Productions"
(soon to be "Yeah Baby! Productions and Entertainment"). Which currently consists of myself and the odd freelancer, doing some graphic design, concept art, and animation related things... (more to come on those).

The Fatkat and Loogaroo logos are the creation and property of their perspective studios.

 Here is the official website for the animated TV series "Three Delivery"
 Here is the "Space Knights Go" Facebook fan page

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