Monday, January 25, 2010

Tips for better ideas

Walmart`s Scary Clown

I don't care if this does nothing for Walmart... it is absolutely freakin' hilarious. LMAO!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

The "Alien Song"

Created by Victor Navone,

From back in 1999, this is some great character animation, done with style --- one of the most famous short films ever, possibly still the most viewed CG short film; the story of the production of the film, and the film itself has been inspirational to many, including myself, and helped Victor Navone become a Pixar animator.

Click here to checkout "The Making of Alien Song"

And for those interested the original "I Will Survive" song was first performed by Gloria Gaynor, released in October 1978. It was written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris.

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Walk-through Videos: Jeff Gabor

Ever wonder what an animator's workflow process is like on a CG feature film?

Well here is a tasty little sample:

 Educational Purpose only -

Check out these videos by Blue Sky animator, Jeff Gabor on Ice Age 3. Jeff Gabor has fantastic clips showing the evolution of his shot from layout to finished stage.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I've seen a lot of short films over the years, too many to remember,... but... somehow this short film has always stuck with me.

I had the privilege to see it, back in 2000, at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.  Done very simply, the film is elegant,... beautiful,... and a masterful piece of storytelling,... without one word ever being said.  And although I have looked from time to time over the years I only ever found short teaser clips of the film,... that is... until just recently... now, it warms my heart to be able to see it in full again.

From Dutch Director Michael Dudok de Wit here is "Father and Daughter."


Script, Design and Animation: Michael Dudok de Wit
Other Contributors: Normand Roger (Composer), Claire Jennings and Willem Thijssen (Producers), Arjan Wilschut (Main Co-Animator), Jean-Baptiste Roger (Sound), and Alistair Becket and Nic Gill (Technical Directors)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Greatest Video Ever Made!

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"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

There are no words! Thomas the Tank Engine Transformer!

 Here is a little something I came across.

"*takes a deep breath* THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

 Now that that's out of the way ... As you can see, this is Thomas The Tank Engine  -- the Transformer. It takes three tank engines to form this mighty beast, who combine when their synchronization rate is at 200%. Through hard work and guts, they will have the power to destroy all evil trains that threaten humanity! Not only that, but this burly beast has FOUR FACES! Clearly, its manliness far surpasses the likes of mortal men and goes through to the heavens itself. Now all we need is a guitar accessory for the tank engines to fight off the evil space locomotives or else all the world will become orange juice!

 This mighty transformer of legend can be yours if you search Yahoo Japan auctions or eBay, but it will be a difficult journey and I will commend you if you attain this holy grail of toys and Transformers everywhere. See if you can name the many mecha anime references I used in the first paragraph!"

(Originally posted by Anthony DePasquale on

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A couple of rough concept sketches for Raku

 Some early character concept rough sketches.

 Concept designs done for Majestic Wiener Dog Productions Inc.'s "Raku" the animated TV series.

 If you haven't already, check out this post to see how the designs turned out

 Art and designs by Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett and Ye-a Baby! Productions  

Blast from the past #4


 I just came across this.

 Wow... this guy I modeled, back in early 1999 (that's right, "party like its..."), done in Softimage|3D Extreme (SGI - Silicon Graphics version), which is the OG 3d software package I learned on (back when it was still owned by Softimage Co. and it only worked on special Windows NT and SGI workstations).

 His name is Doug. "Doug the Beetle Bug". I was going to create a bunch of little shorts with him and some other characters. Had virtually all the pre-production done, planned, story boarded, modeled, RIGGED, you name it... then well... some nice people offered to actually pay me to do similar things... so off I went.  By the time looked back in on Doug all the software I had used was no longer compatible with anything, and Softimage had been bought and sold a bunch of different times... blah, blah, blah...

... Oh well it is nice to see Doug the Beetle Bug again, he is like an old friend saying hi...

 Oh... and just for fun, from a few years after Doug, here is a little lady I called Jessica.  I spent a LOT of time modeling her in Maya, using mostly nurb splines, (everybody was all about modeling nurbs and sub-ds then), I always wanted to get her rigged and doing some animation... but I wasn't really sure how to do that entirely in Maya at the time.  Hell I'm not a 100% sure how to do it now.  (One thing at a time, Ill get there).

 Oh look... and here is some head I modeled, in Maya, a while after that. (Which it appears I was testing a cg-toon-shader on half of).

 Somewhat ironically I think sometime shortly after this I ended doing a lot of stuff in Flash and AfterEffects and didn't really get back into any 3d, for years, until this past spring (2009), (That's right with Animation Mentor).

 (Old) CG models done by me (Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett).

Animation Mentor renders - STRIKE A POSE!

 I really enjoyed doing these, and it was a great way to learn how the character rig was setup, and of course how to properly use it.

 (I must confuse  somehow I ended getting really into this next one trying to make as strong a pose as possible, while still getting use to the rig, and reacquainting myself with Maya after a long hiatus, and well... after a bit of an evolution, while the pose is solid, it doesn't actually communicate what it was supposed too... oh well... still learned tons doing it.)

  (A little secret...  I finally had to break the rig to make this pose work... which sometimes happens)

  (Yeah bebe!... do you feel that!?)

 (I don't know why, but lighting in Maya has always been a pain in the ass for me, render... "NO!".. tweak, tweak... render... ... "WHAT THE...!" ... tweak, tweak... okay... the render gods seem to have seen fit to let this one work.  I'm all for character animation and story telling, but now it is... VENDETTA... I will figure out some of this lighting stuff... eventually)

  (I've been there... I know how he feels)

 Rock n' Roll!!!

 So now...
... I suppose you want to see something animated...

... well stay tooned.

 All poses and renders in this post were done by ME (Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett) Maya character rigs provided by Animation Mentor.

Click here to see related post: ``As if I wasn`t busy enough...``

Some "Raku" character concept designs

 Some concept designs done for my buddies at Majestic Wiener Dog Productions Inc.'s "Raku" the animated TV series Pitch...

 (Part of the concept is that the hero characters change their different body parts into different animal part.  I was a little rushed on this one, the out reached arm still bugs me a bit, still for the most part I'm cool with it.)

(It is funny, coming up with design ideas for the girl was no problem, but trying to get the male lead character down... oof... it took a bit, but... I'm cool with him now.  Is about the right mix of prince and bad-boy.  And I now know what Disney's the "Nine Old Men" meant when they said designing Prince type characters was always tuff.)

 (Based on the original written concept, when I first started I honestly had no idea how these guys would look or turn out... "kick-ass-villainous-rock-guys,"  I just kept sketching, and reworking and reworking the drawings,... and these guys are what came out... I LIKE EM'... I don't think I'll do it, but I'd love to see them animated)

Concept designs done for Majestic Wiener Dog Productions Inc.'s "Raku" the animated TV series.

Again here is Majestic'c website

 Art and designs by Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett and Ye-a Baby! Productions 

Animation Mentor sketches - STRIKE A POSE!

 So one of the things we had to do a number of times over our first term of Animation Mentor was to do a bunch of hand drawn sketches with the intend of communicating an idea or emotion in one pose, then we'd circle one of the sketches and use it as reference to pose out our Maya rig --- and push, and refine, and strengthen the arcs, and lines of action even further... a strong silhouette, etc.

*breathes in*  Like a breath of fresh air, it was nice to just put pencil to paper again... (I've spent a LOT of time in front of computers)

 As expected I was a bit rough getting back into the swing of sketching, and, (just to make it worse), for this first one I decided to go sit in a park and draw some of the kids... one note about little kids in a park... THEY DON'T STAY STILL FOR VERY LONG... so I had to be quick and rough.  Which in hind site was probable exactly what I needed to get me drawing loose.

The eye-hand coordination slowly returns...

Drawing... yes... more...

Draw more.
(A mix of quick sketches and longer drawings.)

Now draw FASTER!
Drum faster DAVE, FASTER!!!...


...(sorry,... that was a little inside joke for some of you Fatkaters)

(Previously, although I really like some of the sketches, I was spending WAY too much time, that I didn't really have, on some of the pose sketches, so I tried to keep em' quick and loose with this one)

Thats right keep it simple, smart guy.

I hadn't intended to, but it turned out, as regularly happens in animation, one of my earlier drawings worked perfectly for this week's assignment ... so a lit-bit-of-REUSE

... I bet your wondering how the 3D poses came out.

 All artwork on this post was done be me (Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett)  ;)

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More from "Yeah Beybey!"

 Another page from the Miramichi Transit site.  Lots of little bits of expository information that had to be mixed into the magic.

 Again here is the link to the site

 Also see earlier related post

 Art and designs by Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett and Ye-a Baby! Productions

As if I wasn't busy enough...

 While trying to get some renovations done,...

... now,...

... as if starting... my own...
... brand new...
... business... hasn't kept me busy enough,...
... after more then a decade in the animation and entertainment industry,... with a short stint teaching related college courses,... and being a firm believer that we should never stop learning or trying to better ourselves...

... I am...

... now...

... once again...

... a student!


This time... for the crazy-cool-insanely-awesome...

... more to come.

Ye-a Baby! Productions... is BORN!!!

 So to get my new company up and rolling here are a couple of websites, with the help of a few programmers, I made using Flash and some crazy XML / Action Script coding.

 The first one is cool especially because I was able to support the local community a bit by taking on the gig.  It is the website for the city of Miramichi's new bus transit system.  I managed to sneak in a few characters, and do some photography for the site (although some of the photos used were provided by another photographer).   Big props go out to... Jeremiah Percival... who helped me a lot with some of the programming, and Rich Gould, (previous client, current friend, and co-owner of Razor Creative ), who hooked me up with Jeremiah, (when one of my other programmers became unavailable).  I am particularly proud of how the "weather app" and the "interactive bus-route-map" turned out.

 Here is the link to the Miramichi Transit's final website


 This next one was actually done for some my former Fatket comrades, who (amongst other things) had formed a new company called "Majestic Weiner Dog Productions."  I also designed their logo, business cards, and stationary, as well as creating all the conceptual artwork for their TV series pitch "Raku."  I really like the way this site came out there are a bunch of fun little components to it.

 And here is the link to "Majestic Weiner Dog Production's" website

 Of course the irony of completing these is that I have yet to finish putting together my own company site, but oh well... you've got to put the horse before the cart, and food on the table, and all that... so hopefully this blog will due in the meantime.

 Artwork, Website designs, and some photography done Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett and Ye-a Baby! Productions.


  Well... after 10 years, with about a year and half,... or more, of perpetual crunch time, and a VALIANT effort, unlike I have ever seen before, from the studio and it's crew, the animation studio (I worked for) "Fatkat," with the successful completion of the animated TV series "Three Delivery," and the animated TV pilot for "Space Knights Go,"... sadly,... finally... folded,... and closed its doors... for good, last May, 2009. (I truly wish all the studio's former crew and staff members all the best in the future).

 For anyone interested, you can read more about it here:

... Gene Fowler,... the former owner and President, of Fatkat now has a new studio... "Loogaroo"... who are doing some cool things. You can find out more at Rock on!

And I have formed my own new company...
... called... "Ye-a Baby! Productions"
(soon to be "Yeah Baby! Productions and Entertainment"). Which currently consists of myself and the odd freelancer, doing some graphic design, concept art, and animation related things... (more to come on those).

The Fatkat and Loogaroo logos are the creation and property of their perspective studios.

 Here is the official website for the animated TV series "Three Delivery"
 Here is the "Space Knights Go" Facebook fan page

Blast from the past #3

 A couple of shots I animated for the TV series "Carl Squared" while working at PIP Animation.

 Check out the TV series website here:

 While at PIP I also animated a bit on the TV series "Caillou."

 Previously animated all traditionally, it was the first season (season 10 of the series I think) of "Caillou" animated entirely in Flash.  For those interested you can read more about it here

 Animation in this post done by Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of District 9

 Okay this is a just friggin' cool edit:

 I have no idea who put this together, but it is AWESOME!!!



Not quite all the same footage, but for those interested here are the original trailers for each movie:

 And for those interested:


Supa Strikas

  Fatkat did this animation test back in early 2007. Nailed it, client loved it, we later went on to help develope the series.

  Big thanks to Andy Coyle and team who made this awesome animation demo.

  For those of you interested, you can read more on "Cold Hard Flash" here:

  I was briefly involved with this series as a Producer and Production Supervisor while it was being developed as a series, before the production was moved back overseas.

  Now, check this intro out, it seems to have a mix of work from every studio who was ever involved in the project, but it looks pretty good.  And HUGE KUTTOOS to my friends at Dacapo for creating a KICK-ASS theme song for the series.

  "Supa Strikas" (c) was created by Strika Entertainment.

 Some stuff Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer and Production Supervisor on. 

Supa Strikas the animated TV series is based on a successful soccer comic book by the same name that has a massive monthly readership in excess of 10 million people, across 4 continents and in multiple languages. Here is a link to a video spot on CNN talking about it:
You can see samples of the Supa Strikas comic book here:

South African based, Strika Entertainment is the company responsible for both the comic book and the TV series.

Three Delivery - music video - promo

  This is a music video/promo I put together back in late 2008 for the TV series "Three Delivery" which was produced as a animation collaboration between Animation Collective and Fatkat Animation Studios.  The show was animated in Flash with a bit of a traditional approach (thats right... hold your breath... some actual drawing.... hehehe), and offline post sweetness was added in AfterEffects, with a bunch of subtle, and not so subtle editing in FinalCut.

  We were a bit spread thin on this TV series so I ended up overseeing the offline Post Production, as well as being the series main Editor, and well due to blah, blah, blah, along with a few other brave Fatkat souls, I also ended up taking care of a lot of animation and continuity polishing and fixes on top of everything else while we were at it.  Still all and all the crew put in an amazing effort, the show was delivered on time, and I think the series came out looking pretty good.  And, although a little crunched for time, I like the way this music video/promo came out too, for the most part ;)

  For the above music video/promo itself: the animation production was done by the Fatkat crew, Robert Lloyd and myself took care of the post production, and I edited this together. The music is the "Three Delivery Theme Song" by the band Ten Minute Turns.  The dialogue and sound effects audio is from the series.

  Three Delivery (c) was created by Larry Schwarz.

 Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Offline Post Production Supervisor, Lead Post Effects Designer, Editor, and did a bunch of miscellaneous animation and continuity fixes on this TV series

Skunk Fu!

Something else I worked on, while I was at Fatkat Animation Studios:

  I love the style of this show: stylized backgrounds, character silhouettes, and a push for some quality animation in a TV series.

   This is a Cartoon Saloon production, and while I'm not sure if any of our stuff is actually in this trailer I had the pleasure of being the Animation Producer and Animation Production Supervisor, back in 2007, on the portion (maybe 35-50 percent) of the series that was animated at Fatkat Animation Studios.

  If you ever get the chance check out "Skunk Fu"

   Skunk Fu (c) is a Cartoon Saloon production.

 Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer, Production Supervisor, and did a some miscellaneous animation fixes for the portion of the animation on this series done by Fatkat Animation Studios.

 Click here to check out some cool "Skunk Fu" toys and DVDs.

Behind the Scenes - Up Late with Stewie and Brian

From behind the scenes of one of the projects I worked on.

I'm a HUGE fan of 'making-of' stuff...
... just for fun...
... here is a little something I came across at

 Oh! and if you haven't already... you can check out the final animation here:

  Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer, Production Supervisor, and did some miscellaneous animation fixes on the animation, which was produced at Fatkat Animation Studios.

 Click here to check out some "Family Guy" DVDs and merchandise

Some stuff I worked on as a Producer #1

  Okay so...
... a little bit about me...
.... professionally...
... I am a classically trained animator (among other things - insert your own joke here) who has been working in the animation and entertainment industry for over ten years.  (Before animation I freelanced as a photographer, videographer, and illustrator).

  For three years I primarily worked as a Senior Producer and Production Supervisor at Fatkat Animation Studios. During that time I oversaw and or was involved with almost 40 productions (not an exaggeration), from big animated TV series production to small animated web apps.  I'm not going to show stuff from everything I've worked on, but I'll try to post a few here and there.

  That being said here are some productions I worked on as a Producer | Production Supervisor (managing, overseeing, budgeting and scheduling animation projects, with a bit of occasional hands on animation, and polishing; working with small commando teams of animators, artists, and freelancers) while at Fatkat Animation Studios:

Pepsi Cricket Spot - commercial

  We did the Flash animation on this back in 2006 for our buddies at Flinch Studios, and client Pepsi Jamaica.

  Pepsi (c) is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo.

 Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer, Production Supervisor, and did some miscellaneous animation fixes on the Flash animation which was produced at Fatkat Animation Studios.

Click here to check out some "Pepsi" merchandise
or (for my preferred drink of choice)
Click here to check out some sweet "Coke" merchandise

Up Late with Stewie and Brian
- promo spot
(WARNING: NOT appropriate for all ages) 

  Back in early 2007 we were tapped by our buddies at Flinch Studios to once again help make some visions come to life. (Animated entirely in Flash). Fox wanted a Family Guy promo spot featuring Rob Corddry, star of new Fox series, "The Winner"

Click here to checkout some behind the scenes footage.
Family Guy (c) created by Seth MacFarlane

 Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer, Production Supervisor, and did some miscellaneous animation fixes on the animation which was produced at Fatkat Animation Studios.

 Click here to check out some "Family Guy" DVDs and merchandise


 Fall Out Boy: The Carpal Tunnel Of Love

- music video

  And here is a music video we also did back in 2006 for the band "Fall Out Boy", featuring the "Happy Tree Friends"; animated at Fatkat Animation Studios for Mondo Media.

 Music video by Fall Out Boy performing The Carpal Tunnel Of Love. (c) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group. "Happy Tree Friends"(c) created by Mondo Media.

 Andrew "Big Show" Blodgett was the Producer and Production Supervisor, and did some miscellaneous animation fixes on the animation which was produced at Fatkat Animation Studios.

  I should maybe also mention, for those of you that may be interested, that Fatkat was also responsible for all the animation on the "Happy Tree Friends" TV series, based on worlds most popular (at the time) animated web series.  To see more checkout

 And also, for anyone interested, "Happy Tree Friends - The Complete Season One" is now available on DVD:
Click here to check out "Happy Tree Friends" DVDs and merchandise